90% of Home buyers search on Mobile.

If you're not catering to that audience, you're missing leads.

You know you need to be on multiple social platforms and maximizing your exposure on Google and branding yourself.

And when you're not, you're not getting the leads you could be.

Advertising on digital platforms can be expensive, confusing and time consuming. Let Perfleek help.

The perfleek leader advantage program

Enhance your digital presence and grow your client base with Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

We'll advertise you, your services, and your properties to:

  • Increase exposure to your desired audience.
  • Solidify their awareness of your brand.
  • Convert traffic to leads that will be sent directly to you, with no added cost.

You'll get the strategic expertise and creative services of Perfleek's marketing and advertising team for the benefits of agency results without having to pay the agency fees. The Perfleek Leader Advantage Program is your solution to your every digital need.

"The Leader Advantage Program works for me. The statistics I've seen are impressive and the ad exposure is great."


New Melle, MO

"I am really pleased with my ads and have received great feedback. I’ve gotten two real estate leads and one auction lead since my ad started two months ago."


Albion, IL

"I am happy to tell my clients about Perfleek. I value social media as a means to get new clients and have seen good traffic from my advertising."


Bowling Green, KY

Providing a Tailored Ad Strategy to Deliver the Results you Need

What You get

With the Leader Advantage Program and the Featured Agent Package:


Sell Your Listing Faster

Capture the attention of perspective buyers and sell your inventory more quickly with our proven ad aproach to highlighting your inventory. Learn more about our ad options designed to meet your goals.

Recruit New Business

Real estate marketing is the reflection of a long client life cycle and it's important to say in front of them. Event if they aren't seriously in the market quite yet, they'll remember you when they are.


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Featured Agent Marketing

Maximize your digital presence and lead generation capabilities by becoming a featured partner on Featured Agent and Featured Broker Packages include a profile page, property inventory page, and personalized inquiry pages for your listing. Through the website, space for your contact information and profile are reserved specifically for you. We support fair competition, designing our site so that other agents cannot pay to appear on your listings. Your featured partner pages are designed for lead generation, enabling click to call or email and agent contact forms for when your leads are ready to take action. A Featured partner Package is required for social media advertising and search engine marketing.

Enjoy the benefits of being the only agent featured on your pages and listings.

The featured partner package includes your own personalized profile and inventory webpages. Your pages feature your contact and business information, your bio, and a comprehensive list of all of the properties for which you are the listing agent. Enjoy the benefits of being the only agent featured on your pages and listing while having the assurance that other agents cannot pay to compete for your leads.

One Click to Contact You

Becoming a featured partner means you'll have an enhanced display for your contact and business information. This allows your leads to call or email you with just one click. Your profile and inventory pages also include a contact agent form that your leads can use to submit their information to you and initiate a conversation.

Your Marketing, Everywhere

When site users search for property, your contact information and photo will be front and center in every spot that you or listing appear. From searching for properties and agents in their area to viewing your properties in detail, you stand out to prospective buyers. Your photo and clickable contact information are displayed more prominently than you would see with a non-featured partner.

Personalized Listing Pages

Featured aAgents and Featured Brokers can showcase their contact information on their listings. Lead can click to call or email you instantly, or submit a contact form that is sent directly to you.

Custom Profile Page

Share a little about you with your prospective clients and get more exposure for your inventory. Leads can contact you via phone or email with one click. Any contact form submissions are sent directly to you.

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